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AutoCAD Community Team Members at Autodesk University

Oh behalf of those of us who were able to attend Autodesk University and meet up, Thank you! Curt, Frank and I spoke to a large number of AUGI members and volunteers, and it's always a great time to exchange information face-to-face.

AutoCAD 2011 Articles

Brian Benton wrote some great articles for HotNews about the features in this last release of AutoCAD. I encourage you to check them out in the new "Library" of articles. On the old AUGI website, you had to manually sort through each issue of HotNews or AUGIWorld, looking for a specific article, but, now, they're all going to be held in one location for easier access. Referencing Brian's articles, you can do a quick search, and find 22 of them... WOW! You'd better get to reading!
Additionally, Shaan Hurley has a list, Between the Lines, of bloggers who posted some articles on the new features and their impressions of them as users and CAD Managers.
You've probably noticed our old forum structure has been out of commission since the launch of the new website, but, it should be ported over soon.
The AutoCAD Community is comprised of users of both 'full' "vanilla" AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT (which is a lower-cost tool that suits the needs of many drafters and designers the world over), as well as the newest and even more simplified product, AutoCAD Freestyle.

Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to come back again soon.
AutoCAD Community Chair
~Melanie Perry


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